Shooting Powder



House & Garden Shooting Powder has been cleverly engineered to trigger your plants into initiating a second cycle of new flower development. Normally, half way through the flowering cycle new flower production ceases, and the plants resources are focused toward the expansion of existing flowers. However, when plants are exposed to Shooting Powder, a new flowering cycle is initiated and flower production starts again. Shooting Powder is a unique high phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and helps to harden and expand flowers. The results are substantial and observable within 5 days and will astonish even the most experienced flower grower. Never before have increases been so apparent and dramatic. Consequently, Shooting Powder is commonly referred to as ‘the secret to success’ amongst professional Dutch flower growers. We have been overwhelmed by the continuous, positive feed back in regard to this specialty product and we are delighted to invite you to let Shooting Powder enable you to achieve your plants maximum potential.