Roots Excelurator H&G


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House & Garden Roots Excelurator works within the root system to perform a variety of functions. Initially, this powerful root stimulator enables the explosive growth of the roots, allowing for extremely efficient uptake of all available nutrients. Rapid and extensive growth is evident above the soil within days of application. Roots Excelurator increases the strength and longevity of your plant’s root system and develops your plant’s resistance to infection. It works by forming a membrane around the roots, protecting them from harmful bacteria and fungus. Roots Excelurator will rid your plant of weak, brown roots and resist infection to insure the health and success of your crop. Roots Excelurator will not only protect your plants from harmful root infections; it is also an effective cure for existing cases of root rot. Growers worldwide have voted Roots Excelurator the most crucial additive to insuring a stable, healthy, and successful crop. Roots Excelurator will stimulate the development of the strongest and most efficient root system possible.

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