Antelco Ball Valves


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Antelco Ball Valves

With simple on-off operation, Purple Ball Valves offer high retention in low pressure irrigation systems. These vales have an operating pressure range up to 45 psi. Ideal for hydroponics, these valves can be used to control water flow to single pots or to drain a nutrient reservoir. For inlet and outlet tube connection.

Valve 1/2″
13mm – Shank OD 12.6mm
40mm H x 81mm L x 28mm W

Weight: 18g
Valve 3/4″
21mm – Shank OD 20.8mm
60mm H x 100mm L x 41mm W
Weight: 50g
Valve 1″
25mm – Shank OD 25mm
71mm H x 124mm L x 53mm W
Weight: 81g

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1/2", 3/4", 1"


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